Selling a Property





What YOU do

  • Find the right agent.


What WE do

  • Prepare the Contract for Sale.
  • Forward Contract to agent and liaise with him/her throughout the sale.
  • Obtain your instructions in relation to any proposed amendments to the Contract (by the Purchaser).
  • Exchange Contracts.
  • Assist you (where necessary) with discharge of mortgage documents and liaise with your financial institution to obtain a payout figure of your mortgage.
  • Order section 109 certificate (where applicable).
  • Obtain your instructions and respond to the Purchaser’s requisitions on title.
  • Forward transfer of sale to you for execution.
  • Liaise with and arrange settlement with your financial institution and Purchaser’s solicitor or conveyancer.
  • Receive settlement figures from Purchaser’s solicitor or conveyancer. Ensure accuracy of adjustments in relation to rates, levies, etc.
  • Prepare cheque directions in accordance with your instructions and forward them to Purchaser’s solicitor or conveyancer.
  • Prepare settlement documents.
  • Notify you once settlement has occurred.


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