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Car Accident 101: What Should You Do & What Are Your Rights

Being caught in a car accident can be traumatising, especially if you suffer from physical and psychological injuries. In Australia, car accident victims have rights protected by law, and people who suffer from injuries have different options to get compensation. For the best results, you must work with experienced and reliable driving offence lawyers. You...

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Criminal Lawyer

Pleading guilty or not guilty to criminal charges can have a big impact on your case, especially if you don’t have an experienced criminal lawyer.  Now, if you’re on the fence about hiring a criminal lawyer for your case, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are five notable reasons why you need...

4 Common Myths on Criminal Law in Australia, Debunked

The criminal justice system in Australia has sometimes been misunderstood. Many individuals mistakenly believe that the court processes they see on television, particularly in the United States, are how it works in real life. As a result, there are numerous popular myths and misunderstandings regarding the procedure and what rights people have and don’t have....

Defence of Honest and Reasonable Mistake, Explained

Whether you are an ordinary person or a law practitioner, it isn’t easy to comprehend the sheer volume of laws in the country. Even if you are the most knowledgeable criminal lawyer, you may encounter difficulty knowing every piece of statute out there. What more if you are an ordinary person? Although you are unaware...

Is Intoxicated Consent Considered Consent in Sexual Assault?

Alcohol and drugs significantly affect the brain’s normal functions, which can impact a person’s capacity to make decisions. These situations include sexual behaviour with another individual. As a result, someone who is intoxicated may be unable to offer an informed permission before or during sexual acts. Even though a person appears to be eager to...

Granting Court Bail: How Does the Court Respond?

The person arrested or detained must be brought before a magistrate or judge to determine if they can be released on bail. Bail conditions can be imposed on any person charged with an offence. If bail is refused or a person fails to comply with their bail conditions, the defendant can be arrested and held...

What to Know About Honest and Reasonable Mistake of Fact

In most, if not all, cases, an offender will always want a chance to plead their case. For example, one might say that they had no intentions in committing the crime, that the issue spawned from a misunderstanding, that the situation resulted from a mistake of facts. In some cases, such offenders are lying. However,...




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